TSL provides enormous opportunities to enhance your career. TSL has a specialized training centre when it comes to learn jobbing. This helps freshers to set their foot in the field of Derivatives and develop trading skills. For experienced traders/jobbers we provide conducive environment to grow further and faster by providing continuous guidance and better technology. We are partners in your growth.
Trading in any form involves a two-way relationship and establishing this connects is based on transparency and commitment. This is central to ethical trading and at TSL such relationships are established daily, nourished and nurtured with the right kind of decisions and actions.
We believe in creating wealth for all. All traders are encouraged to indulge in healthy competition and beating the odds, but all actions are strictly monitored and controlled to avoid any malpractice. Our traders comprise one of the best talent pools of the city, the advancement program making their earning potential almost unlimited.

We offer the following -

  • Jobbing
  • Options Strategy
  • Arbitrage.