• It was very interesting Course to do, the techniques used were A+ in the matter they taught, the mentors were quite supportive and answered all queries pretty good. This Course was too beneficial to know the technical aspect of trading.
    Siddharth Bohra
  • The Course was a good mix of text book knowledge and practical application awareness. Theory application on Live Market examples was the highlight of the course. Commitment by expert trader Mr. Darshan Doshi and teacher Mr. Jatin Sanghavi makes one understand the seriousness of Technical Analysis in Trading success.
    Hansraj Salian
  • Learnings about technical aspects about Stock Markets were excellent, Prof. Jatin Sanghavi's style of teaching was quite friendly and  interactive  and Darshan Doshi gave terribly good inputs from the smallest to the biggest inputs about technicals.
    Tejas Mehta
  • Pretty interesting course to get good knowledge about Technical Analysis, looking forward to learn more advance based analysis on technical side.
    Harmesh Bhatia
  • The overall experience I had was amazing. I was belonging from a background where nobody was involved in Stoc Markets so was little afraid how things will work but after I joined the course the course of Technical Analysis I understood things very well and the way Jatin Sir and Darshan Sir was supporting all of us at each one of us at each step was amazing.The environment throughout the course was so friendly and comfortable that now I can trade on my own and recommend it too!!!!Thanks Total Securitites for hosting such courses..!!!
    Prakash Gada
  • Was a good course to learn. Prof.Jatin Sanghavi is a good mentor who taught his immense knowledge in all the sessions and even Mr Darshan Doshi worked very hard during all the practical sessions
    Nirav Shah