What Is Jobbing

Jobbing is like a buying and selling of shares or securities especially on small scale with the intention of generating short term or quick profit. Generally in this kind of trading a Trader just focus on short term benefit not on his risk in intra - minute if you are going to work that would be more beneficial to work by maintaining a proper stop loss and target by its support and resistance level.
The act or practice of buying stocks only to resell them at a profit very quickly. Jobbing is to trade with the trend of the market. The entire trading takes place on the basis of movement of the market. Jobbing involves continuous buying and selling of shares with paper thin margin with high turnover thereby earning a handsome profit at the end of the day. It is a “Low Risk- High Return” method of Trading with zero position at the end of the day. Buying or Selling of a security and then immediately buying it back or selling it back for a quick profit. It is also known as high frequency trading. Get in and out of the market quickly, multiple times during the trading day.


  • Requires intense focus, less likely to ‘force’ trades.
  • Less overall market exposure.
  • Easier to obtain lots of small moves than 1 large hence reducing the risk of making losses.
  • Flexibility to trade any time.
  • No investment required.
  • No calling, no sales, no targets.